What is Genheal™?

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Genheal™ (somatropin [rDNA origin] for injection) is one of the leading rHGH in China that has been widely used in more than 300 Class A hospitals for pediatric, burn, surgery, epidemiology and other areas of clinical treatment. Genheal™ conform both domestic and international quality standards and is one of the best rHGH products on the market today.


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Quality & Efficiency

Genheal™ is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). High quality standards has determined strong overseas demand for rHGH.

New Product Formula

Genheal™ is manufactured using Protein Secretion Technology – the most advanced rHGH manufacturing technology.

Wide Range of Application

Genheal™ can be used in treating wide range of indications for adults and children. Always consult physician before use.

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Genheal™ is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the following indications:

  • Growth hormone deficiency in children with long-term treatment
  • Treatment of metabolic diseases and AIDS-related wasting
  • Prader –Willi syndrome caused by long-term treatment of children with growth deficiencies
  • Continued after birth, intrauterine growth retardation short stature
  • Adults with growth hormone deficiency (GHD)
  • Long-term treatment of patients with Turner syndrome
  • Idiopathic short stature
  • Short bowel syndrome
  • Pediatric renal transplantation before renal failure related to lack of growth
  • SHOX gene deficiency

New Genheal Peptide products

Already in stock!

  • GenHeal rHGH 12iu/vial

  • Semaglutide 2mg/vial

  • Tesamorelin 10mg/vial

  • BPC-157 & TB-500 MIX 10mg/vial

  • HCG 5000iu/vial

  • Sermorelin Acetate 5mg/vial

  • HGH Fragment 176-191 5mg/vial

  • CJC-1295 5mg/vial

  • CJC-1295 with DAC 5mg/vial

  • Follistatin 344 1mg/vial

  • IGF1-LR3 1mg/vial

  • GHRP-2 10mg/vial

  • GHRP-6 10mg/vial

  • PT-141 (Bremelanotide) 10mg/vial

  • MT-2 (Melanotan II) 10mg/vial

  • MGF 5mg/vial

  • Hexarelin 10mg/vial

  • Mod GRF 1-29 10mg/vial

  • GHRP6 & CJC-1295 MIX 10mg/vial

  • GHRP2 & CJC-1295 MIX 10mg/vial

  • TB-500 10mg/vial

  • Ipamorelin 10mg/vial

  • ACVR2B (ACE-031) 10mg/vial

  • Des (1-3) IGF 1mg/vial

  • Peg MGF 5mg/vial

  • BPC-157 5mg/vial

Highly valued all over the world

Genheal™ has been exported to Southeast Asia, India, South America, Middle East, Eastern Europe and other countries and regions.

Genheal™ for export is dosed in the following forms:

4mg (12IU) vial/x 1

Genheal™ has the following pharmacological actions:

Linear and Skeletal growth (Primary action). rHGH acts through specific growth hormone receptors which are present in chondrocytes, osteobalsts, hepatocytes, adiocytes and fibrolblasts. These receptors are also found in other tissues such as the brain and gastrointestinal track where the role of growth hormone is not clear.
Growth Hormone stimulates skeletal and soft tissue growth by promoting cell division, amino acids uptake and protein synthesis. Its actions are predominantly mediated by hepatitis and peripheral insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) production. This results in:
• Skeletal growth in pediatric patients with growth hormone deficiency by its effect on the epiphyseal growth plates of long bones. There is an increasing growth rate and IGF-1 levels similar to that seen with human growth hormone.
• Increase in the number and size of muscle cells.
• Increase in internal organ size and red cell mass.
• Increased cellular protein synthesis due to nitrogen retention leading to a positive nitrogen balance as demonstrated by decline in urinary nitrogen excretion and blood urea nitrogen (BUN).

Carbohydrate metabolism. Genheal™ actions are predominantly mediated by hepatic and peripheral insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) production leading to immediate but brief insulin-like actions followed by more significant anti-insulin-like effects which include decreased glucose utilization (hyperglycemia) and lipolysis within 2-4 hours.

Large dose of rHGH may impair glucose tolerance and induce insulin resistance. The exact mechanism is not known. Children with hypopituitarism sometimes experience fasting hypoglycemia that is improved by growth hormone therapy.
In short children who are not growth hormone-deficient, rHGH may provoke hyperinsulinemia without impairment of glucose tolerance.
Lipid metabolism. Growth hormone administration causes reduction of body fat stores mobilization of lipid stores and increase in plasma fatty acids secondary to rHGH anti-insulin-like effect. The lipolytic effect is seen in growth hormone deficient children during the early months of treatment as loss of subcutaneous fat.
Mean cholesterol levels are decreased in patients given growth hormone.
Mineral metabolism. Genheal™ induces sodium, potassium and phosphates retention which is thought to be caused by cell growth.
Serum inorganic phosphate increase in growth-hormone deficient patients after rHGH administration. This is attributed to metabolic activity associated with bones growth and an increase tubular reabsorbing of phosphate by kidneys.
Serum calcium is not significant affected. Urinary calcium excretion increases but there is a simultaneous increase in its absorption from the intestine.
Connective tissue metabolism. Genheal™ stimulates the synthesis of chondroitin sulfate and collagen as well as the urinary excretion of hydroxiproline.

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